UVC Light Sanitizer 32W

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  • [99.99% Sterilization Rate] 270-280 nm (most effective UV band) LED UVC Light Source, 99.99% disinfection sterilization rate. Also germicidal light does not produce ozone which harmful to human respiratory tract.
  • [Safe LED Light Source] Compare to mercury UV lamp, LED germicidal lamp has no danger to fragile-broken and cause mercury-poisoning, especially safe for Children.
  • [Remote and Timing] Remote range 5-15 meters, 15 min, 30 min, 1h, 2h and 4h  (5-timing options).
  • [Built-in Battery Powered] Smart design(lamp size: 80*80*200 mm) and built in battery powered. This lamp is a perfect solution for household, kitchen, bedroom, shoebox, car, refrigerator, toilet and pet area sterilization.
  • [Important Tips] During UVC germicidal lamp working, people or pet must be keeping away to avoid damage to the eyes and skin caused by ultraviolet rays.


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