Benner Metal Framing

Benner Metal  Framing Products – where durability meets design! Our comprehensive line of metal gypsum solutions is engineered to support your construction needs with unmatched reliability. From robust framing to detailed finishing touches, each product is crafted to ensure your projects stand the test of time. Explore our offerings, including studs, tracks, ceiling channels, corner beads, angles, furring channels, and mini furring options, each tailored for optimal performance in a variety of applications. Trust La Casa De los Plafones – Best Benner Building for your next project, and experience the pinnacle of quality and innovation.


Product Descriptions

  • Stud: Our high-strength studs provide the backbone for durable wall and ceiling systems, designed for easy installation and long-lasting stability.
  • Track: The perfect complement to our studs, these tracks ensure a seamless assembly, offering a sturdy framework for any construction project.
  • Cold-Rolled Channel (CRC): Designed for structural support in walls and ceilings, our CRC channels provide a lightweight yet durable solution for framing and reinforcement. Perfect for controlling cracking in large plastered areas, these channels are versatile and easy to install, ensuring a stable foundation for any project.
  • Esquinero (Corner Bead): Achieve sharp, clean edges with our corner beads, designed to protect and perfect the corners of your walls.
  • Angular (Angle): Our angles provide the critical support and flexibility needed for framing, offering an essential component for both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.
  • Furring Channel: Ideal for creating a smooth, level surface for walls and ceilings, our furring channels are the go-to solution for quality finishing.
  • Mini Furring: Perfect for tighter spaces or more delicate applications, our mini furring options offer the same level of quality and reliability in a smaller package.

Benner Metal Gysum Stud


The feature described is used vertically for securing enclosure panels. It’s installed at intervals of either 40.5 cm (16 inches) or 61 cm (24 inches), depending on the wall design and the type of sheet used for the enclosure. This guideline ensures proper support and alignment for vertical applications within construction projects.

Benner Metal Gypsum Track


Features: Used horizontally, it is fixed to the floor and the intermediate floor, serving as a structural guide for the placement and fixing of studs in lightweight walls. This ensures a stable and precise framework for wall construction, guiding the alignment and installation of studs.

Benner Metal Gypsum Cold-Rolled Channel


Features: This is the principal structural element that supports the ceiling, to which the Furring is fixed. It is also used as a horizontal stiffening reinforcement in lightweight walls, enhancing their stability and strength.

Benner Metal Gypsum Corner Bead


Features: They are used indoors to reinforce and protect the corners of walls or gypsum ceilings at a 90° angle.

Benner Metal Gypsum Angle


Features: This element is used for fixing and leveling around the perimeter in gypsum ceilings.

Benner Metal Gypsum Furring Chanel


Features: This is a cross element to the Ceiling Channel used for fixing panels or sheets. It’s installed at intervals of either 40.5 cm (16 inches) or 61 cm (24 inches), depending on the ceiling design and the type of sheet used as an enclosure.

Benner Metal Gypsum Mini Furring


Features: Designed for clay tile installation and manufactured according to ASTM C645 standards using high-quality imported materials. It features a G40 galvanized coating as specified by ASTM A653 standard.